Your Wedding is a party and planning a party should be fun.

If parties weren't fun, people would stop having them.

What brought you here?

Are you a soon to be wed DIYer who feels like they’ve bitten off more then they can chew and needs some help with organization and logistics?

Do you feel alone and need someone to commiserate with about wedding woes?

Are you feeling drained and totally over stimulated creativity wise, need someone to help you sort through all the muck and focus on creating a day that reflects you and your partner?

How about just wanting to talk with someone who isn’t trying to live vicariously through your wedding?

If any of these sound familiar, we should talk.  In the meantime, feel free to look around, see who I am, what I’m about and what I offer.

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My take on weddings

The quick version

A wedding is a party.  A marriage is forever and as such, the greater part of your focus should be in preparation for the forever thing.

The decidedly longer version

Grump buckets will tell you the modern wedding is a bastardized event that is the culmination of generations of a materialistic patriarchal society, poked in the eye by modern feminism in an attempt to “take it back”.  Those people are only happy if they have something to bitch about so ignore them.  A wedding has the potential to be something amazing and wonderful, a testament to two people finding each other and publicly declaring it to the world.  In order to do that, the mysticism of “THE WEDDING” has to be knocked down to the appropriate peg.

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Who is this Ang person?

Formal stuff first

My name is Ang (Rhymes with “flange”).  I live in New Hampshire, which, despite popular American opinion, is NOT in Canada.

I never set out to be a wedding planner.  I went to school for interior design, then worked as a graphic designer and marketing type person.  My event background started out with project management for commercial construction companies, segueing into corporate events and trade shows.  Contrary to many people who were seduced into the wedding world by the pageantry, flowers and linens, I learned the structural aspects of events first.   A civil engineer drilled time management skills into my brain against my will.  I found out how to solve problems that needed to be solved immediately and not get all freaked about it.  I learned how to turn very angry people into very happy people.  I discovered the keys for getting people to tell you what they want, when they don’t quite know themselves.

While these aren’t the traditional things that mold someone into a wedding planner, I was molded none the less.  It gives me a completely different outlook into the planning process, and how to work with my clients, and I think it makes me pretty awesome.

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